ArPiCade Raspberry Pi JAMMA pcb for 4 player Games - ADAPTER ONLY


ArPiCade Raspberry Pi JAMMA pcb for 4 player Games - ADAPTER ONLY
ArPiCade Raspberry Pi JAMMA pcb adaptor for 4 player Games
ArPiCade Raspberry Pi JAMMA pcb for 4 player ADAPTER ONLY

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ArPiCade Raspberry Pi JAMMA pcb adaptor for 4 player Games

HI everyone! We are proud to announce the first 4 player multigame for your arcade machine! Over the next few weeks, there will be updates to this page, but, the product is still the same. I will be trying to explain all the differences in cabs to use in, the images, the installation and all the other stuff. If you do have any direct questions/comments on this product, please shoot us an email and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. There's a lot to cover, so please read below...your question may already be answered!

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    Welcome! You are about to get involved with the FIRST 3 or 4 Player Multi for your dedicated cabinet! Yes, this will allow you to play all your favorite 3 and 4 player games in a single CGA (Old School Tube Monitor) cabinet! We also understand that some of these old tube monitors are harder and harder to fix/replace/find. So, we have changed up some things so you can use a LCD (Flat Screen Monitor) in your arcade cab! 

    The Arpicade will run on all standard JAMMA harness cabs. Yep. Standard JAMMA. The 3 or 4 player Arpicade simply plugs into your wiring harness. No need for an adapter (wall wart) to plug into the Raspberry Pi 3b+. The power comes from the standard JAMMA harness (which gets it from your switcher inside your cabinet.

    Want to know the cool thing?

    The wiring harnesses (purchased separately) is what connects your additional 3rd and 4th player controls. You can do it yourself, or just purchase from the drop down box before adding to the cart. Your player 1 and 2 controls are already there on the standard JAMMA harness. HOWEVER, they do not go past the 3rd button...ever. Some will only have one or two buttons connected. This is an issue you need to solve before using this product. Some of you may drill additional holes in the control panel because the buttons don't exist. Or, see below under Images heading.

    Let me give you an example...XMEN.

    XMEN requires you to use 3 buttons (the 3rd being for MUTANT POWERS). Well, you cannot do that on a 4 player, 2 button cab. Does the cab have the 3rd button wire on the standard JAMMA harness? You need to look and verify. The harnesses are for players 3 and 4 only. Now, there is a connector on the original Arpicade that allows you to use buttons 4, 5 and 6 (think of the bottom row of buttons on a Street Fighter). That's cool and that is what the 6 wire harness is for. If you don't plan on using the Arpicade on those type of games, then, you do not need the 6 pin harness!

    Heres a pick of that connector - 

    Arpicade Buttons 4,5 and 6 connector

    Let's look at the information below -

    What type of Raspberry Pi do I need?

    We try to make this simple. The easiest way is to purchase through us. But, you are free to order from wherever you like. The images are only compatible with the Raspberry Pi 3b+, so, as of today, that is the only one we carry. If you have your own, cool! Just make sure it is the proper one. You have to verify it is the 3B+, we don't know what you already have. The Images are designed to work on RPi 3B+ only.


    Harnesses - 

    These are harness options if you do not like wiring your own. These are premade and designed to be plug n play.

    You will need a -

    • 6 pin harness if you want buttons 4, 5 and 6 to work on player 1 and player 2
    • 9 pin harness for Player 3 and Player 4 (two harnesses total) for a Konami Cab/Image
    • 15 pin harness for Player 3 and Player 4 (two harnesses total) for cabs like NBA Jam/All Games image

    The harnesses go from the adapter to your control panel. So, to make it simple, see below.

    The 6 pin harnesses will have 6 wires populated on the 6 pin connector. There will be 3 additional wires that are not connected to anthing on either end. That's ok, just tuck/wrap them out of the way. This has a ground wire daisy chain on it.

    The 9 pin harness does have a 15 pin connector. WHAT?!?! I don't want to confuse anyone, that's just the way it came from the factory. They only use 9 wires though. Some of the connector will have empty spaces with no wire. This has a ground wire daisy chain on it.

    The 15 pin harness is fully populated. There are 15 wires on the connector. There are also enough ground wires to attach to each microswitch on the control panel. Pretty cool, huh?

    Now, some of you may already have 3 and 4 player kick harnesses with your current game. AWESOME! Use them if you can. These harnesses are created with the mindset that you do not have those.

    • The 9 pin (not fully populated 15 pin connector) Konami harnesses go with the Konami Image
    • The Full 15 pin harness goes with the All Game image
    • Check out the game lists above of tested games

    Themes - 

    There are a few themes available right now that you can choose. 

    • TMNT
    • The Simpsons
    • Rampage
    • Marvel

    Images - 

    There are (and will be dedicated images) for different types of cabinet configurations. Right now the custom image is for Konami games. We will be breaking down the images so that if you have a 3 player 2 button cabinet, you can get an image that is designed especially for that cabinet! The worst thing that I want is that you have a cabinet that does not support all the players/buttons. There is no ETA on these yet, but, I will be wanting to get done ASAP!

    This is ARpiCADE 3.82xx (the xx is just to denote it is not the same as the other releases for the Original Arpicade) 

    The 4 player version runs a new version of the joystick driver with the extra joysticks added and has had the 3 most used MAME versions roughly setup for 4 player use. Depending on your cab you will almost certainly need to adjust a few settings in MAME to suit your available buttons/physical setup. The following emulators have been roughly setup - 

    Retroarch MAME2003 (AKA MAME 078)
    AdvMAME (AKA MAME 106)
    MAME 172

    Downloads and Tech Forums (Click Pic)


    Konami ImageAll Games Menu

    Sold in conjunction with -RPi


    Additional Information

    Name of Board ArPiCade
    Number of Games Unlimited
    Monitor Orientation Horizontal or Vertical
    Monitor Output CGA
    Minimum Controls 1 Joystick and 2 buttons
    Cocktail "Flip" Compatible Yes
    Free Play Option Yes
    Trackball Support Yes
    List Price No

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