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    BitKit Arcade PCB by CraftyMech

    What is the BitKit?

    The BitKit is an 8bit FPGA platform for playing arcade classics as accurately as possible. Plug-and-play in any JAMMA arcade cabinet, the BitKit is easily updatable via usb. The BitKit manager desktop app provides 1-click functionality for updating firmware, loading game files*, and downloading high scores to share online. 

    Currently supported games -
    • Nibbler
    • Fantasy
    • Pioneer Balloon
    • Vanguard
    • Zarzon
    • Eyes
    • Mr. TNT
    • Eggor
    • Piranha
    • Titan
    • Pacman
    • Pacman Plus
    • Pengo
    • Ms Pacman
    • The Glob/Beastie
    • Lizard Wizard
    • Anteater
    • Frogger
    Support for other hardware platforms & games are planned.


    • On-screen Menu system 
    • High Score saving 
    • Switch games, or pause gameplay 
    • Free play setting
    • Hide/Show games, and customize names 
    • Independent dip switch settings for each game 
    • Screen flip & cocktail support 
    • Crosshatch, and color bar test patterns 
    • Vanguard can be played with 1, 2, or 4 buttons 
    • Easy USB updating with desktop app for Windows/Mac
    • The BitKit is intended for Home Use only.

    *Game rom files are not included with the BitKit.

     CraftyMech BitKit Manager Desktop App (Windows or Mac Version) -


    Additional Information

    Name of Board BitKit
    Number of Games 5
    Monitor Orientation Vertical
    Monitor Output CGA
    Minimum Controls 1 Joystick and 1 button
    Cocktail "Flip" Compatible Yes
    Free Play Option Yes
    Trackball Support No
    List Price No

    Customer Reviews

      Finally an FPGA with support Review by Kickman
    Shipping Time
    Love love love it, I restored a rock-ola Nibbler using the BitKit with original WG2600 CRT monitor and it worked flawless! The menu system is fantastic and I can navigate it with original dedicated controls. There is the possibility of expansion with additional slots with in the menu which means the possibility of support for new things to come in the future. Another feature i’ve yet to use but excited about is the high score leader board feature threw an application program.

    There is to much greatness about this FPGA!! 5 stars,
    (Posted on 2/3/2018)
      Spectacular Review by Mark H
    Shipping Time
    This is an amazing video game board, easy to navigate menu, and perfect recreation of the original play experiences of some very fun classic games. If you want to play Nibbler this is the PCB for you! Where MAME leaves off, FPGA is able to pick up with that original hardware feel.
    (Posted on 1/31/2018)

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