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Flaw 1.
When you put the game in Free Play mode, it just sits there with a static screen waiting for you to press a start button. It does not display the attract mode and the image burns onto your screen quickly if you leave the game on.

Flaw 2.
The default high scores when you turn on the game spell "Nichibutsu"... 10 letters. When you get a high score and it comes time to enter your name, you only get... 3 letters. Come on, people. You can obviously handle more than 3 letters if you can have "Nichibutsu" as a name! Besides, I tried the Japanese version of the game and it lets you enter 10. What a rip!

Flaw 3.
The method for entering your initials, frankly, sucks. You have two perfectly good four way sticks on the game, yet it only lets you move the cursor left and right and when you're all the way at the end around "Z", you have to scroll all the way up through 3 rows of letters if you want to enter an "A".

What to do about it.
I decided that, since 22 years have gone by and Nichibutsu has not released an update to fix these flaws, I could wait no longer. Something must be done about these things. If I were going to be able to truely enjoy the game, I'd have to do it myself.

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