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    • It is our pleasure to distribute DARKSOFT'S long awaited TAITO F3 CARTRIDGE!!
    • It works with Flash memories similar to the CPS2 cartridge so whatever is in the memory will stay there until a newwrite or game change is made. It has been tested with all F3 games and works flawless!
    • In order to change the content of the flashes you need to use the LCD provided that connects to the cartridge. This will select the game from the microSD and load it to the cart.
    • The cartridge fits perfectly into the Taito F3 cart slot. Depending on your region, you may need to modify the connector. See here: http://wiki.arcadeotaku.com/w/Taito_F3_System
    • In order to insert/remove the cartridge, please grab it from the sides and avoid pulling or pushing from the middle or forcing any components. This is a big PCB so it should be handled gently.
    • If you don't feel comfortable with electronics ask for help-
    • The games should be stored in a microSD card and inserted in the slot available in the cart. 
    • The microSD can be inserted or removed at any time except during a game load or firmware update.
    • There is a trim pot close to the microSD slot that regulates the contrast of the LCD screen.
    • It's recommended to discharge your body touching ground, before handling this cartridge or the Taito F3 Motherboard as you'd do when handling any of your other arcade PCBs.

    If for any reason your cartridge doesn't work because of manufacturing defect, please contact us and we'll do what is necessary to fix it.

    If there is any issue with the cartridge or something is not working properly for you, please
    ask at forums or send us an email before posting “IT DOESN'T WORK”.

    Believe me, this cartridge has been tested extensively and all failures/issues found have been fixed/removed.

    Now stop reading and go get yours!!!

    Additional Information

    Name of Board Taito
    Number of Games No
    Monitor Orientation No
    Monitor Output No
    Minimum Controls No
    Cocktail "Flip" Compatible No
    Free Play Option No
    Trackball Support No
    List Price No

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