Donkey Kong and Pauline Edition with D2K Free Play and High Score Save Kit


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  • Easy install - No soldering, board modifications or special wiring. Plug in and go!
  • Save your scores forever -  We use a serial eprom, not failure prone NVRAM or batteries
  • High Score Save - Saves the Top 5 scores and initials!
  • Initial Entry - Able to enter 3 or 12 characters (Selectable in onscreen menu)
  • Logo - Able to switch to manufacturer logo or HighScoreSaves logo on attract screen
  • Extended scoring - Now saves scores over 1,000,000 points!
  • Has separate score tables - Different high score saving for each mode (Standard/Practice/Pauline)
  • Attract Sounds - Hear what you've been missing! Set at 25%, 50% or 100% of the attract screen rotation!
  • Freeplay - No more coins or opening up the coin door!
  • Coin Up - Still supports coins if wanted
  • Attract Mode - Minimize your screen burn. No more "static" screens!
  • Change DIP settings - Menu driven. No more pulling out your game to get inside to change dip switches!
  • Rom Saver - You can remove original program roms if desired to save power!
  • Support - Can be used in an Upright or Cocktail cabinet!
  • Game Menu - Now playing with easy to select game menu!
    • Choose ROM revision (US/Japan)
    • Practice Mode (starting at Level 4 Girder, Elevator, Rivet and Pie Factory stages)
    • Slow Down on Practice Mode by Pressing a Start button (slows the level down to half speed) - useful on the Elevator level for example. This is only available in practice mode 
    • Wild Barrel Hack - All barrels thrown are Type 2!
    • Color Barrel Hack - Learn how to control the barrels
    • No Kill screen Hack - Live on man, live on!
    Click BUTTON for Installation Instructions 

    Visit our GLOBAL web page for all the Donkey Kong High Scores from across the globe!

    Click the pic - 

    Ladybug Global High Score Page

    You can purchase the online version of the save kit that features the high score upload to the internet above for $15 in the drop down choices. You will receive a specific SK and PK Key that will unlock this feature and an online module that connects with a Cat5 or Cat6 cable. See the bottom of the User Guide for more details on DHCP and DNS settings needed.

    The online module will allow you to display your own arcade score board and you can compete against other game players with our save kits globally, in your own country or just in your own game room!*

    You can have multiple games with online capabilities on your network. We recommend using an access point in your game room. The access point can have a switch attached that can add up to 64 ports to upload scores. These switches can be purchsed separately at any major electronics store for under $30. Once you have your games online, you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner!

    * You are not able to add the online module after the initial purchase as the socket and connectivity LED lights for it will not be populated.

    * requires special DK/PAULINE DUAL GRAPHICS rom set

    Rom Placement for a 2 pcb stack and a 4 pcb stack equivallence (Highlighted in RED)DK eprom locations



    Additional Information

    Name of Board Donkey Kong
    Number of Games 8
    Monitor Orientation Vertical
    Monitor Output N/A
    Minimum Controls 1 Joystick and 1 button
    Cocktail "Flip" Compatible Yes
    Free Play Option Yes
    Trackball Support N/A
    List Price No

    Customer Reviews

      Best DK kit out there Review by Hank
    Shipping Time
    Love the Wild Barrel and practice levels
    (Posted on 1/8/2019)
      Best DK kit out there, PERIOD Review by Dave
    Shipping Time
    All the features I wanted and more with a cool menu
    (Posted on 9/19/2018)
      D2K and Pauline! Review by Matt B
    Shipping Time
    Both on the same kit? Wow. Why didn't know about this???
    (Posted on 9/9/2018)
      Great addition Review by Phil
    Love being able to play Pauline Donkey Kong. Very quick install and up and playing in minutes
    (Posted on 4/6/2017)
      All 3? Review by Jay
    This kit is too cool. Love d2k and Pauline. The practice levels to start where I have the most trouble is worth the kit price alone. 5 stars!!
    (Posted on 3/14/2017)

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