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Donkey Kong Remix Multigame High Score Save Kit - With Deranged, Trainer and PACE DK!


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Donkey Kong Remix with Deranged and PACE 



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    Some of the trainer's features include -
    • Begin gameplay at level 5, if you so choose.
    • Replay the same screen over and over to practice and perfect gameplay.
    • You can skip a screen or stage.
    • You can speed up or slowdown gameplay in 10% increments.
    • Built-in Pace calculator.
    • Tallies points on a screen by screen basis.
    • On-screen visual indicators of DK game logic.
    • Indicators for time left on hammer, time til next internal difficulty increase etc...
    • Indicators for fireball/firefox decision points.
    • Spring type indicators etc...
     Donkey Kong Pace is regular Donkey Kong, with just the addition of the pace chart and pace calculations (no trainer features.)

    PLUS - Donkey Kong Remix / Deranged Edition Multigame Kit. 

    This plug and play kit will allow you to play five varations of Donkey Kong:
    • Donkey Kong
    • Donkey Kong Remix
    • Donkey Kong Deranged Edition
    • Donkey Kong Trainer
    • Donkey Kong PACE

    Features -

    • Six new stages, three new bonus stages plus the original four stages
    • Many of the stages have several variations during the progression of the game
    • New and remixed gameplay mechanics including:Optional free-play or coin op modes in all Donkey Kong games
    • Ability to jump with Blue hammers
    • Falling girders on the new Rivets stages that can crush Firefoxes
    • Reversible elevators in the 3rd. Rivets stage
    • Spring mechanic to cycle barrels back to the top of the new "funnel" barrel stage
    • A new bouncier barrel type starts appearing on level four and beyond
    • A new kill screen that cranks things up for an exiting finish
    • Ability to earn additional Jumpmen every 150000, 250000 or 350000 points
    • Optional "Hard Mode" for an extra challenge
    • Adds option to save 0, 1 or 5 top scores in all Donkey Kong games
    • Ability for each Donkey Kong game to have unique dip switch settings
    • Ability to select boot up game and switch between games without powering off
    • Uses your on-board game ROMs to play Donkey Kong
    • Compatible with both U.S. and Japanese Donkey Kong releases
    • Does not use modified DK ROMs to add high score save and free-play mode

    Compatible with Donkey Kong II multigame kit.  Have both kits installed at the same time on your Donkey Kong board!


    Plus these Deranged Edition features -

    • Internal difficulty goes beyond level five
    • Several new types of Wild Barrels
    • Up to eight fireballs/firefoxes at once at later levels
    • Fireballs, conveyors and elevators can reach faster speeds
    • Spawn rates and barrel release rates go beyond higher levels
    • New Kill Screen that goes all out to make an exiting finish

    Donkey Kong PACE

    Here's what you get so far...  during gameplay,

    On the left side of the screen:
    -Your score (total)
    -Your score (on this board)
    -Total points that could be earned leeching kong in the time that is left (appears on rivets board only)

    -High score (I'll replace this with a Pace display in the future)

    On the right side of the screen:
    -Game speed (currently selectable between 20% and 150%)
    -Points earned from jumps (on this board)
    -Points earned from hammer smashes (on this board)
    -Level indicator
    -Internal difficulty indicator, plus time in seconds till the internal difficulty goes to the next level.
    -Hammer time left (in seconds and milliseconds, when hammer is active)
    -Time till next fireball/firefox spawn interval (seconds/milliseconds, on rivets and pies only)
    -Scrolling spring I.D. display (on springs only)

    -Indicator for pie spawn cycle (on pies only)
    -"always 300 points" Pies are indicated by their blue color (on pies only)

    And...  The 1P and 2P start buttons can be used to control these features,

    1P button:
    -quick tap sets the game speed 10% slower per tap
    -slower tap sets the game speed 10% faster
    -hold down (for over a second) and let go sets the speed back to normal (100%)

    2P button:
    -quick tap resets the board.  No lives lost.  Your score is restored to what it was before you started the board.  You can use this to retry the board as many times as you like, restart if you mess up a move, or just want to practice something over and over.

    -slower tap skips the board.   Whatever is on the bonus timer gets added to your score and you move to the next board as if you completed it.   You can tap slow taps during the "How High" screen to keep skipping till you get to lets say 5-1.

    -hold down (for at least 3 seconds) and let go.  Quit back to attract mode.

    The idea here is that you can play a game as if it were a normal DK game, but it allows you to retry stages if something didn't work out.   Only the last play on a board will count - this would allow you to judge what your score would be if no mistakes ever happened, etc...

    For practice play, the speed controls will allow you to try pixel-perfect moves at slow speed to work out the timing, then speed it up incrementally until you can do it in real-time.   For reaction time training, speed the game up >100% and play and then when you go back down to regular speed it'll be easier to manage.

    High score table removed. High scores are pointless in a trainer/practice version of DK anyway. Also, removed the 2 player option.


    Numerical indicators in Donkey Kong Trainer -

    • Below the player’s score, DK trainer also displays how many points were scored on the current screen/stage.
    • While playing a rivets stage, below the lives indicator, it will display the number of points that may be scored in the time that is left from leeching Kong’s foot.  While playing  a springs stage, it will display a numerical list of the spring types as the springs are released by Kong.
    • In the top/center of the screen is the PACE indicator.  Pace updates after every screen is played.  Pace is an estimation of the points a player’s game will score upon reaching the kill screen.  Because Donkey Kong is a game with a set number of screens, the more points a player earns per screen the higher the pace will be.
    • In the top/right corner of the screen, SPD### indicates the speed the game is running at (100 is normal speed).
    • Below that, J=##### shows how many points were earned from jumping over objects this screen.
    • H=##### shows how many points where earned from the previous/current hammer.
    • D=#### shows the current internal difficulty and the number of seconds until the next difficulty increase.
    • H=#.# shows how much time is left on the hammer (in seconds and milliseconds.)
    • S=#.# shows the Fireball/Firefox spawn timer.  Fireballs may spawn when this timer displays S=0.0.


    Donkey Kong Remix

    Features -

    • 6 new stages, the 4 original stages plus 3 bonus stages
    • Many of the stages have several variations during the progression of the game

    New and remixed gameplay mechanics include - 

    • Ability to jump with blue hammers
    • Falling girders on the new rivets stages that can squash Firefoxes below
    • Reversable elevators in the 3rd rivets stage
    • New spring mechanic to send barrels back to the top in the new "funnel" barrel stage
    • A new bouncier barrel type starts appearing past level 4 
    • A new kill-screen that really goes all out to make an exciting finish
    • Ability to earn additional extra Jumpmen every 150,000, 250,000 or 350,000 points
    • Optional hard mode for extra challenge

    Donkey Kong Deranged

    Features -

      • Internal difficulty goes beyond level 5
      • New wild barrel types
      • Up to 8 fireballs/firefoxes at once at later levels
      • Fireballs, conveyors, elevators can reach faster speeds
      • Spawn rates and barrel release rates go to higher levels than original DK
      • New kill screen that goes all out to make an exciting finish 


    Additional Information

    Name of Board No
    Number of Games No
    Monitor Orientation No
    Monitor Output No
    Minimum Controls No
    Cocktail "Flip" Compatible No
    Free Play Option No
    Trackball Support No
    List Price No

    Customer Reviews

      Wonderful Review by Jennylee
    Shipping Time
    (Posted on 7/17/2017)
      Remix Review by DK Lover
    Love this kit with new levels, saves scores and has freeplay.
    (Posted on 3/15/2017)

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