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    The Multi VS Lite is a Nintendo VS Multi Kit compatible with games that use the EPROM sockets on the VS PCB. This Kit allows you to remove your program eproms and play up to 8 different games! (on your PPU)


    • Replaces and plugs into the 6 EPROM spots on one or both sides of a VS board
    • Select between 8 different games via a dipswitch (or via header ["Swapper" or Rotary Dial] to a remote mount switch)
    • Plays any game that uses the EPROM spots on the VS board
    • Dual systems can use 2 of these kits


    NOTE -

    • Depending on the PPU you have, this will determine your game list. Please see list below.
    • VS. Gumshoe takes up 2 game slots and is not supported by Highscoresaves
    • Some games like Tetris require the dipswitches to be set to the correct palette as that is how the original game works and they weren't changed

    Vs Tetris PPU dip settings
    Dip                         6    7    8
    RP2C03             On   Off  Off
    RP2C04-0001    Off   Off  Off
    RP2C04-0002    Off   On  Off
    RP2C04-0003    Off   Off  On
    RP2C04-0004    Off   On  On

    Overview video - 

    Game List - 

    For Wrecking Crew, Balloon Fight and Tennis, you would need 2 kits to play these games head to head since they are 12 roms each (hence the 2 kits)

    Choose from your PPU and create a CUSTOM GAME LIST you select  (8 games total for each kit)-



    • The MultiVS Lite will not work with daughter board games.
    • PINS on kit are fragile! Ensure proper alignment to avoid breaking pins off! There are single pins that can easily bend if not careful. Install with caution.
    • Blinking screen can be a CPU or PPU issue
    • Ensure Dip 4 is on!

     If you are having SMB installed on side 6, and nothing on other side of your pcb, a "dummy" jumper is needed to have SMB and/or Skate Kid to run. See Picture. Pins 30 and 38 need jumpered. 

    Additional Information

    Name of Board No
    Number of Games No
    Monitor Orientation No
    Monitor Output No
    Minimum Controls No
    Cocktail "Flip" Compatible No
    Free Play Option No
    Trackball Support No
    List Price No

    Customer Reviews

      Great product, does exactly what it says. Great customer service, too. Review by Professor_A
    I ordered this product for my Nintendo Vs Unisystem that had Vs Golf. I'm relatively new and inexperienced to this hobby, but decided to give this a try and I'm glad I did. The product is high-quality and was easy to install. You obviously have to take care when seating the card into the sockets on the board, but the install was easy and fast. I ended up having a problem with the Vs Super Mario Bros. not showing up in my game list. Within minutes of sending an email, I was speaking Joe on the phone. He let me know about the jumper wire required to get SMB to appear in the game list. Sure enough, I was able to get it working later that day. It couldn't have been easier for a noob such as myself.

    Great product and great service!
    (Posted on 4/2/2017)

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