Online Pacman / Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit


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The ULTIMATE Pacman Multigame!

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    ONLINE Pacman High Score Saves Kit


    Pacman only scoreboard

    Pacman Multgame High Score Save Kit

    Game List - 

    Fast version -

    • Pacman
    • Ms Pacman
    • Pacman Plus
    • Ms Pacman Plus

    Original version -

    • Pacman
    • Ms Pacman
    • Pacman Plus
    • Ms Pacman Plus
    • Pengo V3
    • Pengo V2


    • Ships with latest v1.05! The BEST Pac Multi ever!
    • Choose your game! Pacman, Ms Pacman, Pacman Plus, Ms Pacman Plus or Pengo!
    • HIgh Score Table - Save your top 10 scores with initials for Fast and Original Version
    • Fast or Original Version
    • Start at Level 1, apple level, key level and Level 255 (to see the infamous "kill screen")
    • Cocktail or Upright
    • Change ghost names from original to alternative names
    • Choose number of lives (1, 2, 3, 5 per game)
    • Choose when you earn a bonus Pac (None, 10,000, 15,000, 20,000)
    • Difficulty Level (Normal, Hard, Harder, Hardest) New way to change difficulty in your Pac patterns!
    • Free play or coin/token
    • Separate High Score Table for Fast or Original play!
    • Attract Sounds that you can set for 25%, 50% or every attract screen! 
    • The ONLY multikit with PROPER colors because we include these proms to covert them
    • Coin per credit if not on freeplay
    • Able to turn off the "kill screen" to continue to play past level 255
    • Play Inky and Pinky as originally designed with the "Pac facing up" flaw, or turn on to fix it!
    • Show original Midway logos or the website logo
    • Menus for normal dip settings, custom settings
    • Save all 10 scores, only top score, top 3 scores
    • Backup and restore scores before and after your next party
    • Extended Scoring to 9,999,990
    • Menu for game select
    • Able to enable or disable the sub menu for settings (now guests cannot get in)
    • "Stealth Mode" - Choose what game the kit boots to! (Game is last game played or from game list)
    • Rom Saver - all original program roms MUST be removed with kit installed

    Easy to install. You can download the manual HERE  or see User Guide under the Manual Tab

    Please check out the installation instructions before purchase/installing.

    Attention -

    This kit does change the color proms on the board - Pacman Plus, Ms Pacman Plus and Pengo will have the ORIGINAL COLORS and SOUNDS.

    (see attached screenshots)



    Additional Information

    Name of Board Pacman or Ms Pacman
    Number of Games 10
    Monitor Orientation Vertical
    Monitor Output CGA
    Minimum Controls 1 Joystick
    Cocktail "Flip" Compatible Yes
    Free Play Option Yes
    Trackball Support No
    List Price No

    Customer Reviews

      Incredible kit! Review by Jim R
    Shipping Time
    Sold my "other" kit to get this ultimate Pac kit!!!
    (Posted on 8/27/2017)
      Great set of features Review by Darryl
    This kit is a nice addition to my arcade. I am replacing a 4-in-1 board, which I liked very much. My other Pac cabinet has a SuperABC. The kit itself is very well made. It is very slick how it all connects, and every attempt has been made to make the instructions clear.

    Although I wasn't a big fan of Pac-Man Plus in the arcades, I have become quite fond of Pac-Man Plus >> (Fast) on my SuperABC. With this kit, I can not only enjoy that game, but I can compete with other owners online. Furthermore, I can now play Ms Pac-Man in +>> (Plus, Fast) mode. I really appreciate the variety of this kit. If it had "Hangly-Man", I would consider replacing my SuperABC with one of these kits. While I would miss out on a few Pac versions, I gained a Pengo, I really like a couple key features.

    Key Features: Separate High Score tables for EACH version. TRUE Free Play Mode. Optional attract mode sound. Pengo is a lot of fun, and it is a great bonus.

    Cons: I can't say anything that is really bad about this. I love that the game has the option to reset the game if a game starts off badly. I wish it didn't have to reset the Internet connection on each reset/game change. Searching for DHCP seems like a long time when waiting to restart. No Hangly-Man, which is probably only an issue to me. lol. I grew up on that game.
    (Posted on 4/13/2017)
      Top notch product with outstanding support Review by Whitefox
    Received my order very quickly and lovingly packaged. Installation instructions are very good and detailed, took me 30 minutes of being cautious and cleaning things as I went. This has added so much more value and playtime to my Pac-Man, having the other game types has proven to be more fun than I thought (Fast Pac-Man & Ms. Pac-Man is a blast)! The continued support that HSS provides is outstanding, no worries about the future of this multigame online kit! A real top quality act all around, thank you thank you thank you.
    (Posted on 3/14/2017)

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