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Pacmania High score save
ROM chips (P7 and V0)

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    "Got a faulty Pacmania the other week and have now finally got it working but was fed up with the high scores not being saved even though it has a 28C16 for the settings. So I set about adding High Score Saving to the US version. I am listing the patched bytes below which have to be made to the V0 & P7 rom files. This is fully compatible with the 63701 replacement mcu. It is also compatible with the PM-PRG7.FIX rom that removes the need for the custom 151 chip but there are 3 extra bytes to change which then also reinstates the rom checksum routine. /* Updated */ I have revised the patch to now reset the high scores if started up with dip switch 7 on. I have a request now, if you apply this patch and it works please either click the Thanks option for the post or add a reply so other people can see it works. PN2_V0.bin These bytes should all be FF before you changes them. F700: CE C9 80 CC C7 A0 DD C9 C6 60 BD BA 65 7F C7 9F F710: CE 00 E0 39 F6 C7 9F 27 36 C1 AB 26 05 7F C7 9F F720: 20 0F CE C7 9F 3A A6 00 CE C9 7F 3A E6 00 11 26 F730: 1B 7C C7 9F F6 C7 9F C1 61 27 0E CE C7 9F 3A A6 F740: 00 CE C9 7F 3A A7 00 20 03 7F C7 9F 7E B9 1A B6 F750: C9 8F F6 C7 AF 11 27 F4 5F D7 C9 CE C7 A0 3A A6 F760: 00 CE C9 80 3A E6 00 11 26 E2 D6 C9 5C C1 0F 26 F770: E8 C6 10 F7 C7 9F 20 C3 F838: change these bytes CE 00 E0 to BD B7 00 F8F4: change these bytes B9 1A to B7 14 FFD0: change FF to 41 PN2_P7.bin These bytes should all be FF before you changes them. F3F0: 47 41 44 47 45 54 46 52 45 41 4B 32 30 31 37 00 F400: B6 50 29 84 02 26 23 8E F3 F0 CE 57 A0 A6 C0 A1 F410: 80 26 17 81 37 26 F6 FC 57 B0 FD 06 1C FC 57 B2 F420: FD 06 1E 8E 06 44 CE 57 B0 39 8E 57 A0 CE F3 F0 F430: A6 C0 A7 80 81 37 26 F8 C6 AB F7 57 9F CE F1 F9 F440: 8E 57 B0 C6 28 D7 19 EC C1 ED 81 0A 19 26 F8 7C F450: 57 AF C6 28 D7 19 20 BF E6 C6 E7 07 CE 06 44 20 F460: DF CD C7BC: change these bytes E6 C6 E7 07 to BD F4 58 12 F1B2: change these bytes CE F1 F9 to BD F4 00 If you are using PM-PRG7.FIX instead of PN2_P7.bin you can also make these changes to add back in the rom check routine as I have corrected the checksums. 04CC: change these bytes 12 12 to 26 11 76C3: change the FF to 85 Edited by GadgetFreak - 15 Mar 2017"

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