Pleiads Free Play and High Score Save Kit


Pleiads Free Play and High Score Save Kit

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    Feature list almost the same as for the Phoenix kit with some extras that have been added after feedback (note that upright/cocktail mode is managed by hardware, so this needs to be selected by the physical DIP switch before installing the kit)

    • - Menu driven software selectable DIPs for -
    • --- number of lives
    • --- bonus score
    • --- coin settings
    • --- freeplay or not
    • --- sound in attract mode (and how often do you want the sound to play)

    • - attract maintained in freeplay mode
    • - sound in attract mode (selectable on/off/every other/every 4th round of attract cycle)
    • - high scores saved to FRAM (no batteries)
    • - 5 position high score table (there's plenty more NVRAM, just no space on the screen)
    • - enter your initials (3 letters only, "old-school")
    • - print "FREEPLAY" on screen in freeplay mode and don't display credits (only during attract mode and not in gameplay)
    • - if you're not in freeplay mode, it still displays the credits in both attract mode and gameplay like the original game
    • - doesn't ask you to insert coins in freeplay mode
    • - you can remove the existing game ROMs from the flaky sockets
    • - reset high score table from menu
    • - Option to backup and restore the high score tables (so when you're having a party you can restore your old scores when it's finished)
    • - Timeout in name entry mode. If you leave it sat there without entering your initials, it will time out in about a minute, still save the score but save the initials as "- - -"
    • - Access to menu on power-up or during "high score table" screen in attract mode - hold down "left" and "fire" (for ~2 seconds when in attract mode)

    This kit plugs into your 8085 socket


    Please check out the installation instructions before purchase/installing.

    Additional Information

    Name of Board PLEIADS
    Number of Games No
    Monitor Orientation Vertical
    Monitor Output CGA
    Minimum Controls 1 Joystick and 1 button
    Cocktail "Flip" Compatible Yes
    Free Play Option Yes
    Trackball Support N/A
    List Price No

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