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Vector Labs Atari Buss Display

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    Vector Labs Atari Buss Display

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    The Atari Buss Display is designed for Atari Raster & Vector board sets which utilize the Catbox card edge connector on the side of the PCB. The board displays the state of both Address & Data Buss pins with three selectable update rates via a push button. Test points are also provided for VCC, GND, PHASE0, PHASE2 and R/W.

    ll Vector Labs products have a limited lifetime warranty from defects in workmanship. We cannot warranty our products from improper installiation, power surges, lightning strikes, etc.  All of our products have install guides in PDF format that you can download in advance of ordering so that you can determinine if you have the technical skills to perform the install.

    Additional Information

    Name of Board JAMMA
    Number of Games N/A
    Monitor Orientation N/A
    Monitor Output N/A
    Minimum Controls N/A
    Cocktail "Flip" Compatible N/A
    Free Play Option N/A
    Trackball Support N/A
    List Price No

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